Break free from traditional banks with eCREDO online accounts
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Break free from traditional banks with eCREDO online accounts

Ecredo Card Combo2 9A European company based in Limassol, envisions revolutionizing electronic payments with fast and low-cost transfers. eCREDO supports individuals as well as businesses of the European Economic Area with fast and easy opening of payment accounts with a friendly and personalised approach.

It is rather clear that the demands of consumers and businesses are shaping the banking environment as they seek alternative solutions with lower costs, reliable services and above all, immediate response.

The creation of the online payment provider eCREDO began in 2019 and went live in its offering of alternative financial services in February 2020. The people who created and developed the platform as well as the account plans, have more than 20 years of experience in international banking and financial services.


Opening a current account at a traditional bank is still a painful process that requires the physical presence of individuals, where it can take up to three months to be completed. The endless demand for data and documents makes it even harder, and the fees are unfair in most cases.

Online payment providers offer a wide range of services through the technological advances available eCREDO focuses on transactional accounts and offers 2 Personal/Family account plans (Jade & Emerald) and 2 Business account plans (Onyx & Ruby)


What do the eCREDO plans offer:


EU IBAN for money transfers
10 currency e-Wallets for live currency conversion and storage of funds
Prepaid Mastercards for global use.

Services and Features:

Business plans with €3M limit per year
Free and Unlimited number of money transfers within EEA (SEPA)
Instant money transfers between eCREDO users with e2e Now. Sending up to €200K daily for as little as €1.75
Instant IBAN loading of Personal/Family accounts via any debit card thus avoiding costly or time consuming bank orders
• Currency conversion 24/7 at wholesale rates
Priority SWIFT for International payments.
Instantaneous Mastercard loadings from any electronic device
• Up to 9 Mastercards for Business accounts
Mass payment including Payroll features with €0,00 fees
• Mastercard 3D Secure
Manage your Mastercard online including report lost, block or replace
• Download account statements for Free
ATM cash withdrawals in multiple currencies
Two separate loading limits (IBAN & Mastercard) for more flexibility

The eCREDO platform is constantly upgrading its services and the Chief Operations Officer Mr. Chris Papayianni states, that although there are other similar applications and digital payment platforms, the difference of eCREDO is that it has a physical presence, offers 100 % transparency of services and charges, and has simplified the registration procedure.

All fees and limits are easily accessible on the company’s public website under Transparency section right at the top of the Homepage.

eCREDO: Fast, Secure and Convenient

Company info

Several of the services offered are free and where fees are charged, they are very competitive. The reason is that we cut down on the middlemen and keep costs to minimum.

Opening an account and the data verification process (KYC/KYB) are done remotely and electronically via the eCREDO platform from anywhere in the EEA for FREE. It takes up to 24 working hours for individuals to register and up to 15 working days for Businesses that meet the criteria. The eCREDO service agents are just a phone call away to offer support during the onboarding process and after the verification of the account.

eCREDO facilitates simple and powerful solutions for managing your own funds via its digital platform. Large organizations in Cyprus and Greece have already approached the company for their payroll and mass payments needs, as they look for ways to reduce their costs and positively develop their operations.

Safety of customer’s funds is top priority in eCREDO and that is the reason that customer funds are fully segregated and safe kept in top Tier European banks, which have accepted and integrated the fintech ventures. This ensures that the customer’s funds cannot be used for any other purpose. eCREDO Ltd with registration number HE394761 is approved and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a Distributor of PFS Card Services Ireland Limited (“PCSIL”) of IBAN, electronic Wallets and prepaid Mastercard within the European Economic Area.

eCREDO is optimistic about its future as its operations expand rapidly across Europe.

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