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Четверг, 22 апреля 2021 09:30

Russian for this summer: how to learn basic words

The Russian language is very popular in Cyprus. Especially, this year. We do not expect many British tourists. Most probably, Russian-speakers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia and Israel will be the absolute majority of tourists. In addition to that, Russian is the language for family communication for at least 50,000 permanent residents and citizens of Cyprus.

If you work in the hospitality industry or in the professional business services sector, you may need to know few words to please your clients. We suggest you to consider an intensive video course of Russian language. You’ll study for 30 days, watching 30 main lessons and over 100 very short video spots. It will be good for those who do not have much time or experience to learn foreign languages.


How much time do I need? Do I have to allocate a specific time during the day?

You’ll need at least 15 minutes a day for 30 consecutive days. This will be enough to complete the course. If you have more time, you’ll watch movies we recommend, learn more words and practice more. You may study in the morning, afternoon, evening - you choose yourself. Every Thursday you'll have a 45 min live lesson with your fellow students. Beginners group (Group 1) - at 16.00, advanced students (Group 2) at 17.00, Speaking Club (Group 3) - at 18.00. Please note that this is Cyprus time (GMT+3).


What group should I choose?

  • GROUP 1. If you do not speak Russian at all, do not read well and you know less than 100-200 words, choose Group 1. It is Level A1, according to international qualifications. 
  • GROUP 2. If you studied the Russian language for at least 200 hours (one year), you are able to express yourself using basic sentences, you can read and write - choose Group 2. The program is between levels A1 and A2.
  • GROUP 3. If you study Russian for 2-3 years or more, or if you used to speak Russian quite well, but recently did not have many chances to practice it, choose Group 3. This group will be good for people who have at least A2 level, during this month we'll practice B1 program having a lot of new words and having a chance to practice with native speakers.

When you'll submit an application below, we’ll give you a call and help you to decide what group you need to join.


Concept - Why Facebook?

Today people do not have time, they are too busy. But almost everyone checks Facebook few times a day, many people work through Facebook or constantly get information through this network. What if - every time you log in - you'll learn one Russian word or watch a five minutes video?


What is the format of lessons?

A new private group is created in Facebook for each level. Every morning students (any time) will watch a short prerecorded video lesson, during the day they’ll find new words, rules, exercises in this group. Once a week they’ll have a Zoom class with Natalia Kardash to practice speaking and reading. Speaking Club members will watch one movie a week and discuss it during the class. In addition to that, they'll have an additional free Zoom meeting per week, speaking with a Russian native for a language exchange. 


June 2021: every day

All three groups will start their classes on the 1st of June and finish on the 30th of June 2021.


How much does it cost? Can I return my money if I do not like the course? 

The course fee is 99 euro for any level. It is risk-free: if you do not like the course, you may cancel your lessons within the first three days without explanations. The whole amount will be returned.


What is included?

All groups: 

• 30 pre-recorded video lessons;
• 4 live lessons in Zoom for conversational practice;
• 100+ video files: exercises, songs, movies;
• 100+ text files with different materials;
• 50+ audio files with Russian songs;


• 20 reading lessons (for beginners);

• 100+ conversational cliché (for the advanced group);

• 4 Russian movies (for the speaking club);

Level 3 (Speaking Club)

+ Communication with native speakers: each student will have a Russian friend for language exchange.


How to register?

Please fill in the form below. We'll contact you. Otherwise, you may send an email to Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or a WhatsApp message



Please fill the form below. It is one for all the levels. I’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss the course. When we’ll decide what you need, you’ll get the payment details to choose from: you may pay by a bank transfer, credit/debit card, Revolut, PayPal, cash.  





Dear friends,
I have an University degree in teaching foreign languages. I came to Cyprus 21 years ago and all these years I have dealt with publishing, promotion, PR, education. I am an editor of a Russian newspaper here, 16 years ago I opened my own "frontistirio" (private educational centre), during all this time I organised lectures and seminars. Five years ago I wrote express language courses that you'll try if you register now. I combined the best methods I knew, to prepare all texts, exercises, audio, and video materials. Time has proofed – the courses work! I am excited to present them to more students!

Busy people think that learning a new language requires years of hard work. That is why many of them do not even start, being sure that they will give up soon because they know – the main value is their time, and they do not have much time for any long-term commitment. This course was created to help.

Many businesses have Russian clients. Executives need to take these clients out for lunches and dinners, need to network not only with business people but with their families and friends. Basic knowledge of Russian would facilitate these duties, good knowledge of Russian would help to get new clients and friends.  

How many times have you thought it would be nice to know some basic Russian? I’d like to say – the time has come! Do something about it! 

Natalia Kardash


Information about the teacher, author of the course:

  • -- Publisher, Editor-in-chief, Russian newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA and SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Magazine; 
  • -- Chairwoman, SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS Leaders’ Club
  • -- Founder, Vice-President, Association of Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus;
  • -- Founder, Board Member, European Russian Alliance (Brussels);
  • -- Member of Corporate Advisory Board, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Cyprus;
  • -- Honorary Fellow Member, Cyprus Institute of Marketing and Cyprus State University MBA Faculty;
  • -- Board Member, Official Russian Compatriots Coordinating Council in Cyprus.

VESTNIK KIPRA COMMUNICATIONS GROUP is a group of companies working with the Russian community of Cyprus. The most important fields of activity are publishing, education, event management, PR, consulting in business development and communications. The newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA offers all local Cyprus news in the Russian language, the SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS magazine provides the Russian-speaking businessmen in Cyprus with the latest information, several websites and social networks are updated with recent Cypriot news. 


Natalia Kardash

Linkedin  |   Facebook 

e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Feedback, comments and recommendations from students from beginners’ and advanced groups


Maria Economidou I absolutely loved this course and I’m glad I made this decision; it is probably the best I have made. I have been wanting to learn Russian for quite some time now but never made the first step thinking it was intimidating. This course has not only taught me how to speak and write in Russian but also to sing and think.

It is amazing how Natalia indeed managed to keep everyone interested and alert, looking forward to the next lesson. I found this course to be very helpful down to every detail, Natalia is very methodical and has put together an incredible series of material. The course is interactive using graphic material making it fun to study and learn.

Maria Economidou



DengizThe results are amazing. What has been achieved in 30 days is formidable! Natalia has a wonderful teaching system that really works. I have been communicating with my clients and colleagues in Russian and the impact was significant.

Everyone appreciated my new skills and they could not believe that I have been learning Russian only for a month. It seems that with these lessons a new universe of opportunities opened both in my business and personal life. I would definitely recommend this course to others. Natalia is very professional and enthusiastic, her method of teaching makes learning Russian relatively easier.

Dengiz Kursat



Tim I found important Natalia’s warmth, positive approach and general enthusiasm. Russian is very scary so creating a feel good/comfortable atmosphere is very helpful to learning.

This course is an excellent gateway to Russian led by a warm and enthusiastic teacher. We not only learned loads of great vocabulary and useful phrases but also got an insight into Russian culture and geography.

Thoroughly recommended.

Tim Drohan



Flori This course is different from others. I will recommend it from all my heart!

It has nice presentations, with many and diverse information not just about grammar and language, but about the culture, history, geography, mentality.

And the fact that one of the main activities is constant repetition, gave us confidence and made the lessons seem much easier.

Flori Moisa




LEN Natalia Kardash courses teaching Russian to beginners are the best value one could find! The online course was excellent. My Russian-speaking family members were quite surprised at the progress I made in 30 days.

Natalia Kardash herself as a teacher, her methodology and her personalized approach is the difference between this course and others. She is with her student every day, bright, smiling, cheery and full of enthusiasm. Perhaps the most important element is her positive attitude, always pushing forward, accepting students' mistakes without showing any frustration. Always encouraging, never criticising, helping her students get over their difficulties.

Leonard Delunas



ChrisJoining the advanced group was a great opportunity for me to refresh my Russian vocabulary and grammar and be able to adapt in real life conversations that will be useful in the future for my development.

It goes without saying that I will recommend to other students. The personal approach and the attention to the personal needs of each student makes all the difference.

The course is tailored made to the exact needs and specifications of each group and what they want to achieve in the long run.

Christophoros Teggeris




Most important was the timing of the course and its compact duration. One month’s time – I found it very attractive.

I would definitely recommend the course to my friends. It was well structured, well presented, compact and productive.

Best investment I could have made with my time during one month!

Vrej Bekarian




Yiannakis Ioannou 1The course was very interesting and helpful. I recommend it to other people who are interested to learn Russian. The most important for me in this course was the fact that I could study from the comfort of my house and at the time I choose.

I value and appreciate Natalia’s patience to help me with any difficulties I had. I am convinced that basic knowledge of Russian is helping much in business, I am Hyatt hotel manager, we have many Russian guests. Withing a month I could learn enough words to start “small talks” without clients.

Yiannakis Ioannou




The course was well planned, learning materials are easy to access with the basic objectives of training, particularly audio that can be downloaded and listened to offline.

Natalia is a fabulous teacher, I am looking forward to taking more online classes. Our teacher loves interacting with us, she is teaching with passion, excellent preparation, flexibility, organizations skills, intensive work.

I liked learning about geography and history that I have never found in other courses.

Anna Luciano



Please watch samples of video materials used during the course “Russian in one month”


Sample of a video that is usually sent free of charge before anyone subscribes to the course. There are 10 free lessons that help to test this teaching method and the course itself.


Sample of a reading lesson (there are 8 lessons like this) that allow people who do not know Russian to start reading easy words within the first 7-10 days of the course.


Sample of an introduction video that is offered before students watch a part of the movie offered during the course. There are 8 lessons like this, and 8 parts of the movie that help to increase your vocabulary.


Sample of a lesson for beginners’ group. The people you’ll see in this video learn Russian for 10 days only.


Sample of a lesson for the advanced group. Please note that just 1,5 of a month ago most of these people did not know Russian at all. This is the second month of their studies.


This is the way we learn new words. There are 20 lessons like this, they help to learn 100 first words.


This is a sample of a lesson that helps people to learn Russian questions.



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