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Вторник, 01 февраля 2022 12:32

Best Legal Conference


Стоимость участия:
Полная программа: €350 (включая НДС). По предоплате до 1 апреля: €250 (включая НДС). 
Программа основного дня: €290 (включая НДС). По предоплате до 1 апреля: €200 (включая НДС). 

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Вторник, 01 февраля 2022 12:20

Best Invest Congress


Стоимость участия:
Полная программа: €350 (включая НДС). По предоплате до 15 февраля: €250 (включая НДС). 
Программа основного дня: €290 (включая НДС). По предоплате до 15 февраля: €200 (включая НДС). 

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Вторник, 01 февраля 2022 11:48

Market outlook by Leon MFO Investments Ltd

In 2021, we witnessed the post-pandemic recovery for some economies, especially the U.S. economy. In 2022, this recovery is expected to continue and become more global as Europe and other major economies are forecasting higher GDP growth rates. Global trade resumed in 2021 and is expected to remain strong this year.

Bond and credit markets typically reflect macroeconomic conditions. With improving consumer confidence and healthy corporate performance, credit investors will have a wider range of opportunities going forward. In addition, the relatively high valuations of equities may induce investors to look further into bonds/credit and consider various strategies.

LEON MFO Investments Limited is launching two funds in the first quarter of 2022 that will allow investors to access the corporate bond and credit markets.

The firm is using its strong investment expertise in wealth management for MFO clients (with more than $1 billion under management) and is offering its best performing investment strategies through these funds to the local Cypriot institutional and HNWI clients. For investors who prefer to invest in EUR, the funds offer EUR currency hedge.

This is why two share classes are available (EUR and USD) allowing investors to select the share class most appropriate for them.


The Leon Income Fund RAIF V.C.I.C. PLC offers investors the opportunity to participate in the global bond market with a medium-risk strategy that has worked well for Leon’s discretionary portfolios since 2015.

This fund’s portfolio is well diversified and consists of leading U.S. and global companies. With well-defined portfolio parameters, the fund achieves optimal diversification and risk reduction. This fund is targeting a net return of 3.0% in EUR or 4.0% in USD terms. With banks offering very low or sometimes negative interest rates on deposits, this fund provides a choice that was missing for the local market. The minimum investment is EUR 125,000 and investors can subscribe or redeem monthly.

The Leon Global Hedge Fund RAIF V.C.I.C. PLC invests in specialised hedge funds which focus on two broader themes: a) Short-term alternative credit and b) Arbitrage. Short-term alternative credit includes trade finance, consumer finance, receivables, bridge credit, and more. The Alternative credit portfolio benefits from increases in short-term interest rates and provides a good hedge against inflation. On the other hand, arbitrage opportunities are sought in interest rate arbitrage, equity index arbitrage, FX or commodity arbitrage, and volatility arbitrage.

The Arbitrage portfolio benefits from market volatility and provides a good hedge against market corrections. Managed by an experienced team, this fund identifies hedge funds that have consistently performed well in the above areas and funds that have low correlations between them. This is a disciplined strategy that has consistently offered attractive returns to investors since 2018. The targeted net return is around 5% in EUR or 6% in USD terms. The minimum investment is EUR 250,000 with monthly subscriptions and quarterly redemptions with 190-day notice.

Both funds are managed by LEON MFO Investments Limited and addressed only to well-informed and professional investors. For more information, please contact LEON MFO Investments Limited at 25 268 120 or Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Disclaimer: This article does not disclose all associated risks and should not be considered as an offer or invitation to subscribe to units or shares in the above RAIFs.

LEON MFO Investments Limited is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
License No. AIFM 37/56/2013
Tel.: +357 25 268 120


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Вторник, 01 февраля 2022 09:47

Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey results

Today digital assets are affecting the entire financial market. Will they create opportunities for economic growth? How will financial services industry models change? Is the regulatory structure over financial services prepared for this change? Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey provides a clearer view at current and future expectations for the global financial services industry (FSI).

The survey focuses on respondents from the FSI and FSI Pioneers – respondents, whose organisations have already applied blockchain solutions and/or integrated digital assets into their business activities.

More organisations realise that adopting blockchain and digital assets becomes necessary for their business models. According to the survey’s results, more than three quarters of FSI respondents strongly or somewhat agree that their organisation will lose an opportunity for competitive advantage if they fail to adopt blockchain and digital assets.

Deloittes 2021 Global Blockchain Survey results 1

The shift to digital assets is fundamentally changing banking. Banks need to rethink their business models around the payments since cross-border transactions can be performed outside the traditional banking system. 43% of FSI respondents say that new payment options represent a ‘very important’ role for digital assets in their organisations.

Among FSI Pioneers that figure jumps to 63%. 76% of the survey respondents and 85% of FSI Pioneers believe that digital assets will help significantly or moderately reduce risks for organisations or projects. But this optimism is also tempered by caution. 71% of overall survey respondents identified cybersecurity among the biggest obstacles to acceptance of digital assets. 67% of FSI Pioneers agreed which means that even those who are already implementing digital assets and believe in their future have serious security concerns. Around 70% of overall survey respondents identified data security regulation in the greatest need of modification (vs 63% of FSI Pioneers).

Deloittes 2021 Global Blockchain Survey results 2

The Deloitte’s Global Blockchain Survey shows that respondents expect to observe significant positive impact on their organisations and projects from a variety of digital asset types:
• Stablecoins or central bank digital currencies: overall survey 42%; FSI overall 43%; FSI Pioneers 53%
• Algorithm-driven stablecoins: overall survey 38%, FSI overall 40%, FSI Pioneers 59%
• Enterprise-controlled coins: overall survey 33%, FSI overall 33%, FSI Pioneers 43%.

This thinking creates anxiety about how the industry can adjust traditional processes, products, and services to effectively meet their customers’ future needs. An impressive 97% of FSI Pioneers see blockchain and digital assets as another way to gain competitive advantage.

The future is happening now. But it will depend on the industry players and on their reactions. What the industry does now will shape financial services, the nature of money, and the nature of financial economic activity for the next decade. Participation in the age of digital assets is not an option. Leaders need to decide how and when their organisations should start using digital assets to their great advantage.

Deloitte conducted its 2021 Global Blockchain Survey in 10 locations: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China Mainland, Japan, UAE, Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa. In total, 1,280 senior executives and practitioners took part in it.

Deloittes 2021 Global Blockchain Survey results 3

The full survey can be accessed at www2.deloitte.com



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